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Tubi TV Horrors Part VIII! Korean Edition

In this series, Kelly takes you through the diversity of horror films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) The Cat (2011)

Cat lovers beware! Besides some really bad CGI, The Cat is full of, well, cats. But not just regular healthy cats. There are shelter cats, distressed cats, sick cats, piles of dead cats and more. Maybe even a possessed cat? This movie is about a sweet cat lady that works at a local pet store who takes it upon herself to discover the reasoning behind a string of mysterious murders. There are some solid performances that emphasize a really sad story about a little girl who loves cats. It took a bit too long to get to the main story, all the while distressing cat lovers, but the ending was a heartbreaker.

2) The Closet (2020)

This is the most aesthetically pleasing and well crafted movie out of the five that are on this list. It’s stunning with the mixture of modern architecture and Korean landscapes, alongside the creepy “other world”. The Closet is about a demonic child haunting a Father and daughter who just moved into a new house. It is an emotional tale of neglected children. The Closet has some fantastic performances, especially amongst the kids. Even though it doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it is a really enjoyable movie that does provide us with a new form of “exorcism”. There is also a really cute dynamic between the Exorcist and the Father that tends to lighten the spooky vibes. While this one completely flew under the radar for me, I highly recommend it!

3) Train to Busan (2016)

I have come to the conclusion that Train to Busan is the barometer for the human condition. If this doesn’t make you crumple into a pile of feelings, then you truly are dead inside. It’s a frenetic thrill ride of pandemic proportions, while being scary at the same time. It’s a refreshing zombie movie, finally. Train to Busan also has made an icon out of Ma Dong-seok, the family man turned action hero with a heart of gold. See this one immediately if you happened to skip it because you thought it was “just another zombie movie”. How dare you.

4) The Mimic (2017)

The Mimic opens with the release of a supernatural spirit from a boarded up cave who whispers in the voices of dead people to gain more souls. The disappearance of their son, five years prior, leaves a wife mentally unwell and consumed by guilt, and her husband struggling to move on because of this. The Mimic gives us a spin on a classic Korean folk tale about a man-eating creature that has sharp teeth and white fur that lures people by making a sound that resembles a woman's wail.[4] It is a very effective, creepy movie and a fantastic, albeit heartbreaking, tale of grief. The Mimic is quite well done and littered with more crying Korean girls. Parents of human children might have a tough time with this one. Watcher beware!

5) The Uninvited (2003)

BABIES IN PERIL, the movie. Seriously. This is also the longest film of the batch at two hours and seven minutes. The Uninvited takes a very long time to get to the point of the story, which I'm not even sure there is one. Tubi classified this as a horror drama, but it's very, very light on the horror, and so much so I wouldn't even call it a horror movie at all. It's a high drama for two hours. So, if you are feeling masochistic, or needing some catharsis, then give The Uninvited a try. It’s filled with dead children, suicide, and trauma. Yikes.

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