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Tubi TV Horrors Part V!

In this series, Kelly takes you through the diversity of horror films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) The Guest (2014)

Yes, I am including this movie! This Carpenter-esque, action and ab packed thriller is a current favorite of mine and late night Twitter (winky face). The retro vibe with a killer goth/synth wave soundtrack and cast is just a few of the glorious aspects of this film. Did I mention Dan Stevens yet? This guy has RANGE, and he has become a pop culture icon with The Guest and I am here for it. The Guest is one that I showed to everyone who I think would appreciate it, and I have created many fans! Sorry not Sorry!

2) Slugs (1988)

Slugs is a silly killer bug, creature feature with a whole lot of obvious dubbing/ADR. It contains a peculiar and out of place,1950s horror movie score, and just terrible acting, but the practical effects are amazing! Yet despite all the negatives, I loved this! It's such a good time and gross out watch - if that is what you are looking for.

3) The Dentist 1 (1996) and The Dentist 2 (1998)

I watched The Dentist before going to an actual dentist appointment which I don't recommend! As someone with a queasiness for dental trauma, this movie was horrific. But, it was also cheesy and very much over-the-top which I really enjoyed. Pair this with it’s sequel The Dentist 2 for the perfect double feature. I am now obsessed with these movies! They are so fun, as well as horrifying with all its oral torture. The effects are so good and cringeworthy, and “The Dentist” played by Corbin Bernsen is so wonderfully campy. I love weird 90s horror movies!

4) Burying the Ex (2014)

This is such a delightful horror comedy by horror icon Joe Dante! It's light, breezy, funny, adorable and gory! With a cast of the brilliant Anton Yelchin (RIP) and the charming Alexandra Daddario, Burying the Ex is about a horror fan who wants to open his own horror store but he has to contend with his recently zombified ex-girlfriend. It is pure savvy entertainment.

5) Neon Maniacs (1986)

This had the trappings of being a really awesome 80s movie. However, it falls a bit short due to the fact that the monsters have such a small role. I had really hoped that they would play at the Battle of the Bands. Spoiler alert, they do not! There are some vague Midian/ Nightbreed vibes, which added to its value. I would recommend watching this one with a friend!

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