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Tubi TV Horrors Part III!

In this series, Kelly takes you through the diversity of horror films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) Uninvited (1987)

This movie has a very similar premise to Friday the 13th VIII (1989) - and looks like a porn set up - but it’s so much better! The plot is centered around an escaped lab cat that has another cat (or rat?) living inside of it that bursts forth to kill people. It’s bloody bananas and absolutely an underrated 80s gem that you should watch immediately as it’s something you need to see. I would suggest the Rifftrax version also available on Tubi TV!

2) Exists (2014)

This is a Bigfoot movie by Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) and one I had heard good things about over the years. I enjoyed it! I liked how they show a lot of the Sasquatch and the ferocity of it. It’s in the found footage style which I will always appreciate. I didn’t find Exists to be a scary film, but it was definitely entertaining. Though I tend to like Willow Creek (2013) more, this is a fun addition to the catalogue of Bigfoot horror!

3) The Wasp Woman (1959)

When people claim that horror isn’t political, I really feel like they don’t understand (or have seen) many of the films that originated the genre. The Wasp Woman is one of those smart films that tackle themes of the fear of aging, gender pressures, expectations of beauty, ageism in the workplace and more. It’s a great classic sci-fi horror film and ahead of its time! We will be covering this on the podcast eventually, as I am sure Jess won’t mind.

4) The Suckling (1990)

Tubi excels at having a lot of 80s horror with many titles I hadn’t heard of, like The Suckling aka Sewage Baby. The premise of the movie is that a young pregnant woman goes to a back alley abortion clinic (which is also a brothel). From there her aborted fetus gets mutated by toxic waste and comes back to kill everyone. How could this not be an amazing movie? In all seriousness, the creature designs and practical effects are great and ridiculous. It’s a wacky film like many 80s horror flicks, so you will have a fantastic time with this one!

5) Pulse (2001)

This one had been on my radar for a long time, and I tend to really enjoy Asian horror films. Pulse is spooky as hell, but definitely 30 minutes too long! I found the story overall to be confusing as the ending is apocalyptic (which seems to come out of nowhere). It deserves another, more focussed watch as it’s a much more subtle film than other Japanese horror films can be. It’s soft, slow and depressing, but either way, it’s recommended!

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