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Tubi TV Horror: Halloween Edition!

Happy spooky season! I decided to recommend to you 10 classic horror movies that can be found on Tubi TV, my favorite streaming service. Why? Because it's not all wacky B movies or 80s slashers, there are "real" horror movies on there, too! At the end, I also list five underrated gems that can be found on this wonderful site. So what are you waiting for, huh? WATCH MORE HORROR MOVIES!

1) Black Christmas (1974)

I first saw Black Christmas about 10 years ago in my very dark basement apartment. I was alone, wrapped in blankets and horrified by Billy’s phone calls. A movie about a sorority girl killer doesn’t sound like much, but the execution is terrifying. The film itself is well ahead of its time with its portrayal of female characters and discussions about reproductive rights. And don’t forget, it’s Canadian!

2) Day of the Dead (1985)

THE DEAD WALK! My favorite of the “Dead” series, this nihilistic commentary on the military creates an isolating feeling of dread. It’s scary with incredible gore effects created by Tom Savini. A Halloween celebration isn’t complete without a visit to a Romero film.

3) Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Part (summer) camp, part slasher, part transgressive commentary on gender, Sleepaway Camp is an 80s must-see. I saw this as a kid and though the movie itself didn’t scare me, that reveal at the end did. And no, it’s not about (Spoiler) Angela being born a boy, it’s the awkward implantation of Felissa Rose’s face on a male body, hissing at me in the dark with a knife held in the air. Good luck sleeping at night with this one!

4) Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

After revisiting this for the Listener’s Request episode, I can say that I really do enjoy it. It’s got your regular slasher trappings of a man stalking and killing young women with a phallic object. Yet as we discussed in the episode, its subversion of those tropes, and the inclusion of real female characters (and those that we like and don’t want to see killed), makes it stand out from the rest. GET YOUR DRILL ON!

5) Black Sunday (1960)

HORROR! ANGUISH! TERROR! This beautiful, gothic, masterpiece by Mario Bava is chock-full of an eerie atmosphere. Our Queen of Italian Gothic Horror, Barbara Steele, plays a dual role of a virginal woman and a vampiric witch to stunning perfection. If you watch ANY black and white horror films this season, make it THE MASK OF SATAN or BLACK SUNDAY.

6) The Stuff (1985)

When you find a strange substance out in nature, you definitely should put your finger in it and give it a taste, because if you don’t, you’ll never understand the appeal of THE STUFF! This I saw recently and it’s such a ridiculous 80s romp that I can’t NOT add it to the list. It’s gross, it’s iconic, it’s THE STUFF.

7) The Changeling (1980)

This is another one I discovered in my dark basement, alone, huddled on my futon surrounded by cats and house centipedes. The séance and Joseph's voice was enough to send shivers up my spine! Paranormal horror isn’t usually my go to, but this one is full of heart and has that wonderful 70s vibe that makes it really stellar. It’s also highly effective in making you curl up into the fetal position asking for your Mommy!

8) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets more brilliant after each viewing. I have loved this movie for probably 20 years, but I appreciate it’s impact and artistry even more now as an adult. It's unsettling, and the Sawyers are not a family you want to run into on a long lonely road. Oh, and stay away from the jerky!

9) The Exorcist 3 (1990)

It’s OK that you skipped over The Exorcist 2, we all did (or wish we had after watching it). The Exorcist 3 is the sequel we all wanted, with a possessed Father Karras who regularly turns into the incredible Brad Dourif. It has the most infamous jump scares in horror history, with a great murder mystery to boot. I dare you to say PAZUZU in the mirror 666 times…

10) The Beyond (1981)

FULCI LIVES! As a favorite director of mine, each viewing of a Lucio Fulci movie from the 80s is a full visceral experience. This release is full of weirdo cosmic horror and contains some of the best scenes of gore. It has spiders, maggots and more! If you want to go the gross-out route, or in the mood for an existential crisis, throw this one on!

5 underrated gems:

1) Stir of Echoes (1999)

I think that the most effective haunted house stories are those that not only contain spooky scares, but a great story as well. This is one from the 90s is just that. It has a creepy child, a sexy blue collar worker played by Kevin Bacon, and a disturbing backstory. If you want to be scared, but also enjoy a more light hearted ending, check it out.

2) Stake Land (2011)

A highly ambitious, post-apocalyptic vampire film by Jim Mickle is one that no one talks about, and I champion it regularly. There is no eroticism in this film as the vampires are monstrous and dangerous. With incredible performances and layers of story, I can not stress enough how great this one is. Also, if you want your heart broken - and who doesn’t? - then watch it!

3) Intruder (1989)

If you are a Ted/Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell stan and you haven’t yet seen this, then remedy that immediately this holiday season! Intruder is a great little slasher film all set in a grocery store overnight. It has inventive and gory kills and excellent pacing! It won’t leave you asking for more, except for maybe more of Campbell’s chin.

4) The Wailing (2016)

Tubi excels at indie and international horror and with The Wailing, it really has picked the best from the litter. It combines breathtaking cinematography with a slow burn effect that will leave you with questions that keep you lying awake at night. This Korean nightmare is one you do not want to miss.

5) Alice Sweet Alice (1976)

“No more dolls, no more toys, Alice only plays with bodies”. I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to watch this movie! It blew me away, so much so I still think about it often. The iconic creepy opaque mask and yellow raincoat, killer kids and Catholicism. This is truly a lost gem.

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