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Streaming Taboo Terrors Part VI!

In this series, I will take you through some of the controversial & disturbing films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) Eat Me (2018)

This one I heard about after I listened to an episode of the podcast Not Suitable for Anyone. The host, Patrick, interviews the star and director of it. Eat me is a fantastic, emotional, disturbing journey of a home invasion which occurs during someone's suicide attempt. This is not for the faint of heart and is surprisingly more thematically upsetting than visually.

2) Collar (2014)

This is a film released by one of my favourite companies Unearthed Films, and Ryan Nicholson is a prominent name in the extreme underground world. This was my first foray into his work and I did not like this movie. Collar is an example of a rape scene filmed for titillation, and I am not okay with that. Rape shouldn’t be filmed as an erotic sex scene. While there were some decent practical effects, the plot was sadly minimal and trite. I just wasn't all that interested. Go into this one with caution.

3) Mothers of Monsters (2020)

This film has been talked about numerous times on various found-footage horror groups so I decided to check it out. I actually quite enjoyed it, but really wished the ending took a different turn. I think it would have been more impactful instead of frustrating. I know that this is vague but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Another one that is more thematically disturbing, and less visually graphic.

4) Ms .45 (1981)

A cult classic! I enjoy a good rape-revenge film, and this is such a wonderful addition to the subgenre. Thana is an icon! Jess recently wrote about this in a new editorial after I showed her Savage Streets (1984) with Linda Blair, another fantastic rape-revenge film found on Tubi. With its New York backdrop, aesthetics/style and wonderful ending, you absolutely have to watch Ms .45! Oh, and this is a Halloween movie, I am calling it now.

5) High Tension (2003)

New French Extremity Alert! This was one of the first NFE films I had seen and I think it's a one-time watch only. Once you know the twist ending it's really hard to take the rest of the movie seriously because it defies all logic and reason. Though the violence and gore is exquisite, this is my least favourite out of the New French Extremity genre. But, for gorehounds - EAT UP!

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