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Jess -  The Witchy One, the Banger of Heads 


What is your favorite horror movie, or the one most important to you?  

The Witch

"My journey into fully exploring the horror genre actually started later in life. For many years, I lived on the fringes of horror watching the classics like the Universal Monsters and more well-known popular films until I saw The VVitch. Released in 2015 and was the directorial debut of Robert Eggers, this film is a supernatural horror tale about a Puritan New England family in 1630 suspecting their eldest daughter, Thomasin, of being a witch.  I remember so vividly watching this film for the first time. I was enraptured by it; from its brilliant combination of the set, score, dialogue, cinematography and acting which blended together folklore and historical events surrounding women and witchcraft. I never grow tired of this film and with every re-watch, I see a new element to it that I want to talk to other horror fans about. 


This film has had a major impact on how I watch and talk about horror movies. Particularly when people, who know very little about the genre, like to dismiss it as “low brow” cinema. I use The Witch as an example of how intelligent horror films are in engaging with both historical and modern societal expectations. This film also impacted me because I had just started to embrace my own path as a witch. Through my studies and practicing of witchcraft, I found liberation in embracing my femininity, sexuality and instinctual nature. This is why the final scene in which Thomasin makes the choice to “live deliciously” moves me emotionally. I was able to identify with the ‘Thomasin’ within me who had been looking to find empowerment as a woman in such a restrictive world."

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Kelly - The Kisser of Kittens, the Slayer of Men. 


What is your favorite horror movie, or the one most important to you? 



"I first watched Ridley Scott’s Alien when I was probably too young to do so and it gave me nightmares for years. The nightmares were so intense that it was only within the last eight years that I have had the nerve to revisit it. This movie has been in and out of my life for greater than 22 years, for better or for worse! It’s infamous, and essentially a perfect film. The premise, world building, cinematography, acting, and creature designs resonate within me more so as an adult than they ever did as a kid. What mainly makes it now my favorite horror film of all time (replacing The Exorcist) is its ability to combine absolute, isolating terror, and incredible feminist themes. Themes like bodily autonomy, violation, rape and forced motherhood. Alien, as we all know, gave us the amazing Lt Ellen Ripley. With her rise to becoming the sci-fi horror icon, this warrior woman of horror as we know her today, is relatively unmatched in her incredible survival skills. Alien gave us Ripley, and those horrific, nightmare-inducing Xenomorphs, and I couldn’t be more pleased." 













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