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     A female run horror show that discusses horror/sci-fi/ and obscure cinema, all while creating & consuming custom cocktails. As huge Charles Band fans, there will be a focus on Empire and Full Moon releases. Some episodes will feature guests, while others will feature mini projects or games.


Come get drunk and spooky with us!

Grab your lab coats as

Episode 4: Re-Animator is alive!

    Originally created by friends Kelly and Ali, Sin & Tonic has turned into a one-woman show! Kelly is now the Host and you will see a variety of guests and also appearances by Brandon, the Man Himself.


     The Drunk & Spooky Crew:


Ali: Producer, License Liason

Kelly: Host, Social Media Coordinator (SnM), Content Creator

Brandon: Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Director, Caterer


*please see Brandon & Ali's Bio/Contact info on the Community Page!

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