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Streaming Taboo Terrors Part VII!

In this series, I will take you through some of the controversial & disturbing films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) I Saw The Devil (2010)

This is an action packed, gory, brutal, emotionally charged Korean thriller. I love this movie! I chose to rewatch this and even showed it to Jessica. What a goddamn great, and sad, movie! I often love Korean movies, and if you have not seen this blood soaked revenge tale, I recommend that you do so immediately.

2) HATE CRIME (2012)

Many find this disturbing, which in concept it is, as it is about a Jewish family moving into a new home who are quickly invaded, raped and brutalized by Nazi’s. But, watching it was more frustrating than anything. There was a lot of inaudible shouting, and we get to the home invasion part way too soon. I didn't get a chance to care about the characters, which was really unfortunate. It's just a poorly made film.

3) Truth or Dare (2013)

Though a tad bit too long causing it to drag a bit in the middle, I enjoyed this "obsessed fan goes awry" torture film by Jessica Cameron (The Song of Solomon). The end depravities are where the practical effects and power of the film comes in with a great performance by Cameron herself! What's worse - physical or mental anguish? You decide!

4) Pieces (1982)

This is another 80s slasher that can be found on Tubi TV, but this time it was awesome! It took itself more seriously, with iconic scenes, killer and lots of bloody carnage. This has made it into my top 10 slashers! Though not as disturbing as most movies I chose for this list, some people can find slashers bothersome/uncomfortable and this one doesn’t disappoint.

5) Hounds of Love (2016)

I saved the most disturbing for last. This one is loosely based on true real life crimes of Australians David and Catherine Birnie, who kidnapped, raped, and tortured young women. Dubbed "the Moorhouse murders", these two's reign of terror didn’t last long, but was upsetting nonetheless. There isn’t much on screen violence, most of it implied, which may or may not be worse pending on your imagination. It’s fascinating to watch the dynamic between the murderers, and thankfully, there is an uplifting ending. If you want to ruin your day then watch Hounds of Love. However, if you REALLY want to ruin your day, pair it with Snowtown (2011), another one based on true crimes in Australia and one I will never watch again.

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