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Streaming Taboo Terrors! Part V

In this series, I will take you through some of the controversial & disturbing films that you can find on the free streaming service, Tubi TV.

1) Record of Sweet Murder (2014)

This was on a list of underrated found-footage movies and I love a good found-footage horror! This is another fabulous release by Unearthed films. Think about it - a found footage Japanese film with perhaps a dash of cosmic horror? It's a win-win situation. There are some troubling (rapey) scenes and overall I found some of it to be pretty disturbing and spooky. I love when found footage can be used to tell a really good story. Watch this one immediately, as it’s tamer than most of the films on these lists!

2) Driller Killer (1979)

Did you know that there were over 200 slashers made in the 1980s alone? I am forever working through watching these classic slashers and though this one isn’t a great movie per se, it’s infamous. The kills are iconic and decent (and not just a bunch of women which is refreshing), but the story/acting/literally everything was very average and kind of boring. That band, though! Even though other slashers are more worth your time watching, if you want to round out your slasher cred, watch this one.

3) German Angst (2015)

“A surreal and shocking trip down a rabbit hole of horror awaits in these three scary tales about love, sex and death in modern day Berlin, Germany.” A German extreme horror anthology! The films description of Tubi really says it all. It had three interesting and well produced stories with one done by one of my favorite directors - Jorg Buttgereit of Nekromantik fame. There’s violence, assault, adult content and more to enjoy in these unique offerings.

4) Trauma (2017)

This was a challenging movie to watch, and in my humble opinion, “worse” than A Serbian Film. I even texted a friend while I watched it and said “And people think A Serbian Film is bad??” But, now I am obsessed with the idea of cultural extremism and horror, so I had to write about it. This movie is absolutely not for the faint-of-heart as it delves into torture, incest, rape, violence, and depravities beyond your wildest imagination…..viewers discretion is advised.

5) Who’s Watching Oliver (2017)

I watched this for a guest appearance on the Not Suitable for Anyone podcast! This is a good, disturbing serial killer film. It’s very well acted (shout out to writer and star Russell Geoffrey Banks!) with great gore effects, and an interesting yet distressing premise. With the Bad Mom trope, randomly placed jazz music, and a memorable cat appearance, this is absolutely one to watch.

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