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Review by Kelly

"In this new TV series sequel to the classic horror franchise, a cyberbullying incident in Lakewood leads to a murder with chilling echoes of the past. "

I am always highly skeptical when it comes to a TV show based off of a movie franchise. I have a hard time believing that there is enough content to stretch out into a show that has an unknown duration. I definitely have been impressed before with The Exorcist series which I loved and disappointed with Ash vs. Evil Dead. So, I came into the Scream show very curious yet hesitant because I am a huge fan of the Scream franchise.

Season 1 sets the scene and introduces the characters while going full speed ahead with the kills, gore and teen drama! Season 2 carries into the aftermath of the first and ends up being more focused on the characters and the killer’s potential accomplice. It lacks a lot of the intensity and intrigue of the first. With PTSD, sex and alcohol, we aren’t sure if the Lakewood 6 are going to all make it out alive this round,or if they even want to.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series. I love the elements that they took from the Scream movies and applied them to the show; from the killers’ mask and outfit, the creepy phone calls, the knife kills, etc. I also love a small town murder mystery. Oh and hello to the two 90210 alumni appearing in this! Shout out to Jason Wiles and Tracy Middendorf. I also need to mention my love of the shows theme. It’s always played during the murder monologues done by Noah. It’s so,so good.

I thought the acting was decent with some being better than others. Unfortunately, I think the worst acting was done by Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), the lead character of the show. She was obviously our Sidney character, our Final Girl. I just wished she would have more nuanced emotions than always looking confused or angry.. However, she does go through some serious shit throughout the show and I think she portrays that fairly well. There is a moment in the second season where she's definitely channeling her inner Sidney with a slap to the face of a bitchy student.

My favorite character, and aspect of this entire show, is Noah Foster. He is this generation’s Randy! He is even the next level Randy with his love and knowledge of serial killers. Noah is also incredibly hip with his podcast, The Morgue. He's an incredible actor with wit and the charm of the horror film fan.

These teenagers deal with some incredible trauma and you end up caring a crap ton about all of them, even those deeply flawed ones like Audrey and Jake. Honestly, I actually kinda love Brooke. She is sassy, sexy, bold and very honest. She starts out as a seemingly vapid blonde sexpot character that turns out to become almost as deeply affected by the turn of events as Emma. Brooke is deeply sensitive and emotional. I almost liken her to another favorite popular girl turned strong survivor, Cordelia Chase, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The kills in this show can be incredibly graphic, bloody and utterly devastating.

There's a part of me that wished that it stayed just one season because I think it's pretty damn solid whereas the second season falls apart a little.. A character that I absolutely adored in the first season turns out to be a complete sociopath and I really wasn't a fan of that. I really wanted more for that character.

I would highly recommend this show for any horror fan and even for the die-hard Scream fans. Scream holds a very special place in my horror heart and I went into the show with minimal expectations and in the end I was really glad that I did. I think it's fantastic and highly entertaining.

If you liked Scream Queens then I feel like you would like this one and vice versa.

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