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Mirror, Mirror (1990)

Review by Kelly

“A teenage girl begins receiving black magic power through an antique mirror that drips blood, not realizing the mirror is controlled by demonic forces.”

For my next review for Women in Horror Month, I have chosen an obscure 90s gem Mirror, Mirror. It was released in 1990 and was co-written and directed by Marina Sargenti. This is actually the only movie Sargenti has done with most of her work being on TV shows. The movie appeared on a number of lists of horror films directed by women so I thought I would give it a go. It stars the infamous Karen Black and a little-known actress named Rainbow Harvest. Yes, that is her actual name. It also stars Kristin Dattilo who I remember from one episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. How did I remember her but I can’t remember what happened last week??? According to Wikipedia, the cast and crew were 60% female. Whoot!

Mirror, Mirror opens with a scene from the early 1900s; there are two girls fighting on the bed with a looming gothic mirror in the corner. One girl is murdered. Flash forward to 1990 and Megan (Harvest) has moved into the same house with her widowed mother, Susan (Black). The real estate agent, who is in charge of the Weatherford house, had ordered the movers to remove the mirror but it mysteriously ends up back in the house (dun dun duuuuuun). It turns out as well that the sisters from the 1900s were into the occult and/or witchcraft and there is a demon in the mirror. Of course there is! In the meantime, Megan starts at a new school and is obviously bullied and made fun of for being a super 90s goth. The nasty high school girls even attempt to dress like her as a joke but end up just looking much more interesting and fashionable than before! Hilarious. “Accidents” being to happen to people that harm or wrong Megan and of course, she becomes seduced by the demon in the mirror.

Mirror, Mirror is an adorable movie that is akin to Teen Witch but with a goth girl and a demon instead of a nerdy girl and Zelda Rubinstein. Also, minus the blood and death. Top that! I am always empathetic to alternative teens being bullied for being different as that was me in high school as well. In my senior year I was called “Ant Girl” by the jocks due to my large backside and vinyl pants I wore all the time. Their insecurities were palpable. I also enjoy revenge tales of any kind! Throw in a sexy, confident transformation and this movie actually includes many themes I thoroughly enjoy. The movie and score are a bit cheesy but it's a product of its time so you have to take that into consideration. Rainbow Harvest is an incredible Doppelganger of Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice, I kid you not. It’s amazing. The acting is decent in this and it's too bad that Rainbow Harvest didn’t do anything past the 90s because she was great. My favorite line of the movie was “She thinks she’s the lead in a horror flick!” which is reminiscent to me of the line in Urban Legend regarding Tosh, the token goth girl: “You better check her pulse, she’s looked like that for years!”. Though humorous, it’s also angering. The movie is light on horror and gore, bu the garbage disposal scene is definitely one not to miss.

I would recommend this movie to anyone wants to spend their night with a random 90s flick, or has a penchant for spooky teen drama. I know I do! I think Spinster #1 would enjoy this one actually so I recommend it directly to her.

OMG I love Teen Witch

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