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LSJTD: Premutos (1997)

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Once a month, Kelly dares Jessica to watch a film surrounding the monthly theme. These challenges are meant to scare, or unsettle, Jessica, and broaden her horror horizons.


It's our three year anniversary of starting Spinsters of Horror and I Spit on Your Podcast so I reached out to our listeners for the movie challenge this month! We got some good suggestions but this film has been recommended to me personally, and overall, by our friend Lord Humungus. Premutos (1997) is directed by Germany's Olaf Ittenbach, a famous name in the gore world, so this should be interesting for Jessica to watch! And as per the rules, if I haven't seen the film then I have to watch it as well! Good luck to us both.....


HOLY BLOODY HELL THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. I have heard of Olaf but haven't seen any of his work until now. I am in love! The amount of fantastic practical effects is perfect and so well done. I haven't seen such incredible effects in a while. I liked the story, the comedy, and ridiculousness of the movie. The score was reminiscent of low budget films from Full Moon/Empire which I appreciated. I will be checking out more of his work asap as I am a FAN. I need more German splatter gore in my life, please. This would also pair very nicely with my favorite Fulci film, City of the Living Dead.


This movie was something else and guess what... I loved it. The plot and dialogue is totally bonkers and really it is not the point - the massive amounts of practical gore effects is what people who are fans of gore would be looking for! I spent more time laughing and asking myself "Wtf is happening" more then being bothered, grossed out or uncomfortable. I agree with Kelly that this very much had Full Moon/Empire vibes for me which I adore and the score is just great. What also made the movie fun for me was I spent my time thinking about various taglines for it just to describe the ridiculousness of it.

Here are just a sample of my movie notes:

"The most awkward dinner party where you watch your friend get physically and verbally assaulted by his wife"

"A man's journey to reclaim his masculine identity after his overbearing wife is violently killed by zombies"

"Tanya's Sunglasses"

"Walter should of lived"

"Where the fuck did the tank come from"

"Where is Premutos?"

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