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LSJTD: Kill List (2011)

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Once a month, Kelly dares Jessica to watch a film surrounding the monthly theme. These challenges are meant to scare, or unsettle, Jessica, and broaden her horror horizons.


For some months it can be difficult to find movies that would be a challenge for Jessica to watch, or that she hasn't seen yet (which can be a good problem to have!) all while staying within the general theme. This was one of those months BUT I had forgotten about little British film called Kill List (2011). This is one that I really liked on my first watch of it years ago, and one that the horror community seems to have created a *cough* cult following for. I rewatched it to make sure it would make a good surprise for Jessica and I was proved correct! I have recommended her to watch this without interrupts/distractions and with the subtitles on as the British accents are quite thick and for me they were hard to understand at certain points. The movie also gives out small clues throughout it to make the ending understandable. It's a great film and probably better than Hereditary.....Good Luck Jessica!


When I completed this film I was left speechless. In the last 15 minutes I was captivated by the story unfolding in front of me, as well as trying to make sense of it. Was I scared? Not really, except for the scene with the cult followers chasing after the two assassins in the tunnels and making those animalistic noises - Ugh! My own claustrophobia and fear that comes from not being able to see in the dark heightened the terror for me. I am surprised people don't talk about Kill List more. as it's really good. The blending of the film's tone is brilliant; you go between watching a marriage deteriorating due to financial pressures, a man becoming a vigilante to kill the people involved in snuff films, and then stumbling upon a sinister Satanic plot that had weaved itself throughout the story all along. Kelly was right, it is important to watch this film with subtitles and no distractions so you can catch every minor, yet significant detail. And I agree, this is a better film than Hereditary!

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