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LSJTD: Inside (2007)

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Once a month, Kelly dares Jessica to watch a film surrounding the monthly theme. These challenges are meant to scare, or unsettle, Jessica, and broaden her horror horizons.


In June we are exploring 1960s Gothic Italian horror and celebrating the classic horror queen, Barbara Steele. The overarching theme, though, is the duality of women, so I got creative with my movie this month for Jessica and went back to an old favorite, New French Extremity, with Inside (2007). New French Extremity films are known for their graphic depictions of violence and intense themes. This is now Jessica's second NFE film for her monthly challenges and I think this one is going to top the last! Enjoy the home invasion, revenge, stealing baby premise of Inside......look out for scissors!


I did it! And I have to say that I think I am becoming a New French Extremity (NFE) convert. Kelly is correct in saying that this is my second NFE film for my monthly challenges. However, I have watched other NFE films and I am finding it to be an appealing sub-genre of horror. I heard about Inside from a Faculty of Horror episode, and at the time, I was like "Nope, I will never watch this film". But then again, I said the same for Anti-Christ... and well... that has changed. I enjoyed Inside an immense amount; it got under my skin, and I was terrified and shocked by how visceral the film was and how this life or death situation our protagonist (?) Sarah was in. The film really takes you through the motions of grief, the fear and complexities of motherhood, isolation, chaos and then with the backdrop of the Paris riots and lack of safety in the streets. It's intense. I am looking forward to reading Alex West's chapter on this movie in her book Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity.

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