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Episode 59: Know Your Roots! The 1960s Pt.2

In this episode, we return to the 1960s to discuss the history of horror and the influential films of the decade but this time we have broadened our scope to include international films - hence the part 2.  We will do a mini recap of major historical events of the 1960s and where horror was at with experimental films like Psycho (1960), Peeping Tom (1960) and Blood Feast (1963) shocking audiences leading to the rebirth of zombies with Night of the Living Dead (1968). Then we will leave North America to talk about what horror was doing in countries like Japan, France and Great Britain with the films Kuroneko (1968), Eyes Without a Face (1962) and Horror of Dracula (1958).

Enjoy and welcome to our dark side…

Note: We are aware that Horror of Dracula was released in 1958, however, we have included this film in the 1960s as it was a film that signaled the rise of Hammer Horror in the UK in the 1960s leading into the 1970s

Intro/Outro Music: Kiss of the Creature by Dance with the Dead

Artwork by: Jess Hrycyk

Editing work by: Jessica



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In May we are returning to Original Vs. The Remake with not one by three films! We are talking about one of Jessica’s favorite series - The Evil DEAD! We will talk about the original cult classic from 1981, the blood soaked 2013 remake as well as the severely underrated Bloody Muscle Builder in Hell - The Japanese Evil Dead from 1995!




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