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Once a month, Kelly presents Jessica with a challenge to watch a film that may or may not scare her. She has until the 14th of every month to watch and talk about her challenge. This portion of the website shows the films Jessica watches and her comments about each one. 

August 2018

This film carried the same atmosphere of The Exorcist and it got under my skin just as this first one did.  The scene with the nurse and the cloaked figure following her with the shears caused me to jump. The score, atmosphere, and dialogue between characters create an unsettling feeling. Images from this film stuck with me, which then impacted me further when I decided to read the novel this film was based on and it scared me just as much. Possession films will always have a way of making me nervous to shut off my lights at night and hold my teddy bear tightly. 

September 2018

This was a beautiful film. It did not scare me in the slightest but vampire movies rarely do these days. I was entranced by all elements of this film especially the story. It was uplifting as it was sad. I don't want to go into too much detail about this film as I feel that others should experience it for themselves to understand what I mean. Definitely worth the watch and it will find it's way into my curated vampire film library.

October 2018

I knew what I was walking into when Kelly announced this film for the challenge and I cursed under my breath at work. I had heard about Anti-Christ when I listened to The Faculty of Horror's episode on Witches and it was one of the films they discussed. While I was curious when they described that one scene *shivers* I knew despite my curiosity around the film I would never watch it. I guess I was wrong! However, while there were cringing WTF moments, this film was deeply unsettling and yet a beautiful interpretation of womanhood and connection with the folklore of the witch. 

November 2018

I want to thank the Soska Sisters for this film!  It was one of the first films I have ever watched in the Rape-Revenge genre and it blew me away. Normally, I would feel very uncomfortable watching scenes of body mutilation and there were times I had to shut my eyes. But Katherine Isabelle as Mary was incredibly sexy and I was rooting for her right from the start. The way she tortures her rapist is reminiscent of what women have to live with day in and out after surviving such a brutal violation. She can never go back to the way she was before the rape happened and through her new profession, she teaches him that same lesson. 

December 2018

I can see why this film is a classic and one of the best adaptation of Stephen King's novel. It was nice to see Denise Crosby in something other than the ill-fated Lt. Yar in Star Trek TNG. This film is a great commentary on how we deal with death as a society and the burdens it takes on those left to mourn the dead. Also,  the scenes with Zelda... the stuff of nightmares and I saw this as an adult! I could not imagine what it was like for horror fans who saw this film growing up. And dead Gage... creepy child... 

January 2019

I will be completely honest, I have seemed to forgotten much about this film. This usually means that it did not really impact me as much as expected. I honestly keep saying I watched The Orphan, which I know this not the case. All I can remember that it was a bit spooky and was incredibly sad at the end. There were some elements that got me but they usually involved the spooky child wearing the bag over his head and ghost children in any degree creep me out...

February 2019

For WIHM 2019, Kelly got me to check out some New French Extremity with both RAW and Trouble Every Day. Both films disturbed and yet fascinated me. The idea of combining the act of devouring someone physically with the act of losing yourself in the ecstasy of our primitive sexual desires is an interesting topic for me. Especially in RAW, as Justine finds her strength and sexual identity through her acts of cannibalism. These are films definitely worth checking out -- if you can get past scenes with hair eating and graphic sexual yet gory nature.  

March 2019

I was disappointed by this film. I went into it expecting something marvelous by John Carpenter, but I ended up feeling bored and kept checking the plot points in IMBD to see when the film was going to end. The score is great, but then what Carpenter film doesn't have a good score. Christine did not scare me. The film felt ridiculous and far-fetched and I will leave it at that. If you want a good scare from a Carpenter film, check out The Thing, Prince of Darkness and The Fog

April 2019

This film freaked me out! A found footage film in Space! Fuck that. While watching it I felt claustrophobic and terrified for the crew. Why would anyone want to go into space? Especially when you are under attack by another species and you have so far to make it back to Earth safely. Anything could happen and you are dead. Stranded in space with no help. Aaaaahhhhhh.... 

May 2019

I never followed the trend of Japanese horror remakes when it was popular. I remember seeing The Ring and it terrified me. The Grudge came close to it. However, I find I have a hard time not seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy in horror-related work. I just want to see her make a witty quip and stake the evil! But I will admit some scenes got me... anything crawling up in my bed that is not welcomed is terrifying. 

June 2019

What can I say about this ridiculous film? Hello, boys of the 2000s! We got the emo looking sensitive young man something straight out of my teenage years. There are tons of horror legend cameos. We have our horror cliches, brutal kills and the villain's tragic story that made him the monster he is today. This is one of those fun films you don't take seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

July 2019

This film was deeply upsetting and disturbing to me, and I watched Anti-Christ months prior! If you saw the IG reaction video, you will know that this film reignited some of my fears in society, like getting in cabs or Ubers by myself.  Trust No One. It also reminded me that I still do not like anything that depicts serial killers. But it wasn't even the bit about Rabbit's time with  Robert that got me, but the cold brutality of learning the truth as to why he spent 9 years living in hell predicated on the murder of his mother. I won't ruin the ending for everyone here - but all I know is that I will not watch this film again.

August 2019

What a way to start our month on cannibalism and horror! Getting up the nerve to watch this movie was like getting ready to bite into something so hot you know it will make you uncomfortable. That was this movie. It was gruesome and brutal, I know people may have seen worse (ie. Cannibal Holocaust) but for me, this was testing my boundaries. But looking past the scenes of gore and my discomfort with it, there was a really strong social commentary about the dark side of activism, corporations and attempting to enforce Western ideals on other countries and cultures. Especially the ending, where you really question who is really civilized?

October 2019

Well, I did it!  In an act of bravery (maybe stupidity), I decided because I had a free night to tackle both these films head-on. I will say if stories or films of demonic possession freak you out -- I would not recommend doing this.  I barely slept that night and had dreams influenced by both these films.

However, while both films got under my skin, once again I was really impressed with the stories conveyed. My mind definitely started thinking about concepts of how diseases of the mind can impact belief in the paranormal. As well as how different cultures interact with the supernatural and demonic possession in terms of East vs. West. 

November 2019

November was Heavy Metal Horror month, so Kelly decided to give me a break after an intense month of demonic possession and sent me on my way to watch Trick or Treat (1986). I know that Kelly absolutely adores this film. However,  I will say that I found this film entertaining but not one I would willingly watch again. I found myself bored during parts of the movie and could not get into the main character's story. I honestly think Deathgasm is a better horror/metal film. 

December 2019

We all know by now that I am a big fan of Italian horror. Fulci is a director that I am still getting into and he definitely is the Godfather of Gore, from just a few of the films I have seen ( Zombi 2, Cat in the Brain). I loved this film. It was atmospheric with odd surreal imagery and just a crazy plot. It definitely reminded me of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, which I can always get behind. Also, I am finding as I watch more and more horror, I cringe less and less at violent or gory scenes. But not with this movie! I can't stand things happening to the eyes and not once, not twice, but three times I had to endure a cringe-worthy scene of an eye being gauged out. WTF?!?!

January 2020

This film got to me. It had been since October when a LSJTD challenge got under my skin, but Kelly succeeded. When I finished this film I didn't realize I was scared until I had to use the washroom in which I ran, turned on all the lights in my apartment and pulled back the shower curtains. Home invasion films are not my cup of tea. My home is my safe place from the rest of this crazy world and to think about random strangers breaking in and terrorizing me scares me to the core. The Strangers did what it set out to do - make you feel uncomfortable from beginning to end.  There were other elements that got to me and I am even considering writing a piece about it.