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Horrific Community Finds

Grim Magazine is the first publishing project by Anatomy of a Scream. Grim is a digital and print magazine that aims to showcase the voices of women and LGBTQ+ writers and creators. Every issue features essays, reviews, analyses, interviews, and short fiction contributed by a variety of talented and enthusiastic writers.

Website: https://anatomyofascream.wordpress.com/grim-magazine/

Twitter: @thisisgrimmag 

The Faculty of Horror is a feminist horror podcast hosted by Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West. Their podcast as they describe, "tackles all things horror with a slash of analysis and academic research." They publish monthly episodes and review some of the best classic and contemporary horror films. These ladies are an absolute delight to listen too. 

Website: http://www.facultyofhorror.com/about-the-faculty/

Twitter: @FacultyofHorror

Ghost in the Burbs is a paranormal podcast/blog that Spectral Jess enjoys thoroughly! They are stories told by the talented Liz Sower "about the people who live in Wellesley, MA and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them."

Website: https://ghostsintheburbs.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @ghostintheburbs

The artist that designed our logo is the extremely talented Jess Hrycyk. She does ink and water color art with a range from fantasy, nature and animals. Of course, she also does commissions! She is a good friend of Spinster #2, Kelly, and a fellow metal and horror fan.

Website: www.jesshrycyk.com

IG: @jesshrycyk 

Women in Caskets  --  Horror fans with XX Chromosomes

The women of Women in Caskets are laid to rest in Austin, TX where they follow the local tradition of keeping it weird. When they're not earning a buck somewhere, they can often be found watching, reading, and playing anything related to horror, suspense, and the things that go bump in the night.

With great charisma and dynamic between them, they tackle horror from a feminist point of view. They are funny, intelligent women - please check them out!

Website: http://www.womenincaskets.com/

Matthew Therrien is a wonderful artist that did the Sin & Tonic logo. He also is responsible for the incredible "Final Girls and Cinema Survivors" showcase of split images of the women and their attackers. Brilliant!

Website: http://mctherrien.com/

Witch Finger Horror Podcast consists of three witchy horror fans who do commentary while watching their favorites from the 80s. These funny women are Yasmina Ketita, Megan Stinson and Morgan Lander. They have episodes on Ghoulies, From Beyond, The Lost Boys, and more!

Website: http://www.witchfinger.com/

Instagram: @witchfingerpodcast

Kaci, or better known as The Homicidal Homemaker runs an amazing website and Youtube channel all about spooky horror recipes, cocktails and crafts! You can also find her recipes in Rue Morgue Magazine! Try the Hellraiser Cinnabite Brownie! She even has a number of vegan options. 

Website: https://www.thehomicidalhomemaker.com/

Instagram: @homicidalhomemaker

Dead Ringers  is a biweekly podcast covering horror movie double features that share similar DNA, yet still have distinct personalities.  It is hosted and produced by Nolan McBride and featuring a rotating cast of co-hosts. The Spinster's of Horror appeared on Episode 22 talking about The VVitch and The Blackcoat's Daughter, the episode can be found here.

Website: https://deadringerspodcast.com/

Twitter: @DeadRingersPod

Ali Chappell!


Trained for a number of years in acting, singing, and dancing Ali started her acting career on stage she appeared in a number of musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie, Grease and Legally Blonde. She broke out into film with the pilot episode of Backstage Pass and has since been steady within the film industry. Her most recent short film Lively has appeared in several Canadian film festivals.


She is the co-host of Sin & Tonic with Spinster partner, Kelly.


Website: www.alichappell.ca

Susete Saraiva creates incredibly authentic horror models and dioramas. She also creates sculptures and pins!

Website: https://susetesaraiva.bigcartel.com/

The Horror Virgin is a weekly podcast and each week, horror fan Jennifer will take horror virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. Jennifer will gush over Stephen King, and pontificate about the patriarchy and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare. Every. Single. One. 

They are witty and hilarious!

Jennifer also writes blogs for the website.

Website: http://horrorvirgin.com/

Stories for Ghosts is a blog created by avid horror lover Susannah.  The aim of her blog is to acknowledge and appreciate what horror does best - which is to provide a powerful storytelling tool that allows us to reach a whole other level other genres find hard to achieve. Her blog posts educate and inform people of some of the best the horror genre has to offer in all mediums. 


Website: http://storiesforghosts.com/mission/

IG and Twitter: storiesforghost


Maniere Noire is a collective project based in Montreal. The goal is to create obscure items and accessories for a Noir Lifestyle.  Their shop has originally designed enamel pins, art prints, original illustrations and other household items. 


Website: https://maniere-noire.myshopify.com/

IG: manierenoireshop


Brandon Mercer is a independent filmmaker from St John's, Newfoundland with a decade of successful experiences working on big budget television shows as well as smaller scale productions across eastern Canada.  He has also received commendations from the Atlantic film festival and the Center for Arts & Technology as emerging director of the year. Brandon is currently the director, editor, and content creator for the vlog series "Sin &Tonic", while also producing his own independent short horror films. His work consistently peers into dark corners, finding the light, addressing the themes of justice, transformation and self discovery through "high concept" cinematography, art direction, and distinctive use of color.

A strong believer and contributor to the horror genre, Brandon's goal is to continue to support other local filmmakers and horror fans alike (when he isn't covered in blood...)

Website: brandonmercermedia@gmail.com

 It’s time to wake up from your nightmares and listen to Good Mourning, Nancy!


Hosted by Gracie & Abbey, long-time friends, guilty feminists, and self-proclaimed horror nerds, this podcast about their favorite scary movies will lift your spirits and give you the strength to join the living for the rest of the day!


Website: goodmourningnancy.com/

Twitter: @goodmourningnan 

Welcome to Anatomy of a Scream!


They are a female-run, queer-positive horror entertainment and lifestyle site offering news, reviews, analyses, and humor with a feminist perspective.


Website: anatomyofascream.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @aoas_xx

And That's Why We Drink!

Is a paranormal and true crime podcast hosted by Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz, and boxed wine. Join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories


Website: https://www.andthatswhywedrink.com

Twitter: @ATWWDpodcast

     Each week in the queer horror podcast Horror Queers, Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman tackle a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient or both. For these lifelong queer horror fans, there’s as much value in serious discussions about representation as there is in reading a ridiculously silly/fun horror film with a YAS KWEEN mentality. Just know that at no point will they be getting Babashook.

Found on Stitcher, itunes, Spotify and more!

Hosts: Joe @bstolemyremote & Trace @TracedThurman

TISH is run by filmmakers, genre film aficionados and  go by the names of Lari Teräs and Jon Lewis. Their aim is to showcase the best genre films from around the World from new filmmakers and seasoned veterans. They focus on new voices and prefer creativity over big budgets. In addition to dedicated short film blocks, they aim to schedule each feature with one short and a genre appropriate music video at the beginning to set the mood. 

Website: http://www.springofhorror.com/index.html

Twitter: @springofhorror

The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre,  and underground cinema, that exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos,  and support and exhibit independent Canadian genre media artist. Based out of Toronto Ontario, the festival had its first tour in 2019 premiering in Kitchener,  Kingston, Peterborough and Ottawa

Website: https://bloodinthesnow.ca/index.html


For the dark hours when you dare not close your eyes. Tales of horror to frighten and disturb. The No Sleep podcast, a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories. This podcast features a cast of talented voice actors, rich atmospheric music and sound effects to enhance the frightening tales. This podcast is one of Spinster # 1's favourite to listen to while walking, cooking and just before bed... no wonder she is jumpy.

Website: https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/

Twitter: @NosleepPodcast

Jaymes White is a professional mindreader! Jaymes, who is an expert on human behaviour has toured and stunned audiences across the country. He has developed and starred in his own television show and has won many awards in his career. He trains law enforcement, detectives and people in sensitive areas on observation, memory and handwriting analysis. He also runs the biggest seances in Canada which have been sold out for years.

Jaymes was a special guest on Episode 7: Ghostly Investigations: Do you Believe? 

Website: www.jaymeswhite.com

Michele Brittany is the editor of the Bram Stoker Non-fiction nominated Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre. 


Michele Brittany was a special guest on Episode 10: Spinsters in Space: Alien & Pandorum. She highlighted the concept of isolationism in space horror.

Twitter: @mbrittanywrites 

Horror Homeroom


Blending academic analysis with fan flailing, Dawn Keetley, Elizabeth Erwin and Gwen Hofmann break down horror in all its forms. They take horror seriously so you don't have to!


They have a podcast, reviews and blog posts. 

Website: www.horrorhomeroom.com

IG: @horrorhomeroom

Twitter: @horrorhomeroom

Buffering the Vampire Slayer is a bi-weekly podcast in which your hosts Jenny Owen Youngs (professional musician and recreational Whedonverse aficionado) and Kristin Russo (professional writer and former goth teen) discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one episode at a time.

Every installment of the podcast also includes a new original song recapping each glorious Buffy episode! *wolf howl*

Website: www.bufferingthevampireslayer.com

Podcast: iTunes, Stitcher & Stitcher Premium, Soundcloud, GooglePlay.

Suspira Magazine


Editor and Creative Director:

Valentina Egoavil Medina

Website:  www.suspiramagazine.com

Alexandra West


Her work has appeared in The Toronto Star, Rue Morgue, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Shock Till You Drop. Her writing has also been published in The Supernatural Cinema of Guillermo del Toro: Critical Essays, Art of the Title and Offscreen Film Journal.  She is the co-host of the Faculty of Horror podcast and the author of Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity and The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle: Final Girls and a New Hollywood Formula.

Twitter: @scarealex

Books available through McFarland Books:


The Witchy Stitcher

Cross stitch for the Strange and Unusual

Meg is a lover of the Dark and of crafts as well. She creates cross stitch patterns for the witchy, the gothic, the horror lovers, & the twisted. The lighter side of stitching appears on her website as well, for those who tastes are not so dark. She also crates felt anatomy creatures as well. You can buy her patterns and finished pieces in her store's shop. 

IG: @thewitchystitcher

Website: https://www.thewitchystitcher.com/

House of Gnosis

House of Gnosis Inc. is founded and curated by Melanie Pierce and Marli Medeiros. We come together in reverence and gratitude for our craft and our practices. Over many years of dedication to the Unseen, we walk the path of The Hallow Bone and Priestess. There is deep healing awaiting us all that promises lasting transformations. It is our belief that this ancient knowledge is available to all who sincerely seek it. 

Through House of Gnosis we offer you all a space to deepen your knowledge and your practice through our products, services and ongoing workshops and sacred circle gatherings. This space is dedicated to making all feel welcome, no matter if they are new or advanced practitioners. We believe that a strong community builds and lifts one another. Together we grow. Together we stand. Blessed Be The Witches!


IG: @houseofgnosis, @svensisters, @maidenandcrow

Website: https://houseofgnosis.com/

When the clock strikes 6:66 the Gaylords of Darkness (Anthony Hudson & Stacie Ponder) come forth to chart the arcane world of horror through a queer


Website: www.gaylordsofdarkness.com

Facebook: @gaylordsofdarkness

Dance With The Dead is a music duo from Orange County, CA. Consisting of Justin and Tony, they create electronic music with a dark, spooky and heavy style. 

Their song Robeast is used in our podcast!

Website: https://dancewiththedead.bandcamp.com/

Hosted by horror icon Adrienne Barbeau, SHE KILLS explores horror through a female lens with conversations from women in front of and behind the camera – including Karyn Kusama, Dee Wallace, Jennifer Tilly, Illeana Douglas, Polyanna McIntosh and more. Join these maidens of mayhem while they traverse titillating topics like Sex by Death, Damsel’s in Distress, Final Girls, Rape/Revenge and Nunsploitation.

Found on Shudder, Spotify and other podcasting apps. 

Nightmare University with Dr. Rebeckah McKendry

Every other week join horror genre professor Dr. Rebekah McKendry alongside a notable genre industry expert as they take a deep look into a specific element of the horror genre. Each 30-45 minute show feel will feel like a lively university class discussing horror history, key players, and important films. This is not an interview show. This is pure horror education.

Twitter: @NightmareUPod

Found on all podcasting apps!

The Witch Wave with Pam Grossman

 The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, and culture. On each episode, host Pam Grossman (“the Terry Gross of Witches” - Vulture) speaks with a leading visionary about art and Craft.

Website: The Witch Wave

Found on all podcasting apps!

Horror Vanguard is creating The Spookiest Leftist Horror Podcast.

Ash and Jon are your guides as they delve through the crypts of Leftist politics and Horror films

Horror scholars on Twitter: @_ashhhh and @TheLitCritGu

Podcast found on all podcasting apps! 


Lore started out as a podcast that exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest dreams. Still going as a podcast there is also a Lore Series on Amazon Prime and Books based on Aaron Mahnke's research and wonderful spooky storytelling. 


Website: Lore

Podcast found on all podcasting apps! 

A podcast about subversive and controversial cinema hosted by Lesbian Vampire, Annie Rose and featuring various guests. A celebration of trash and feminine perversion.

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/girls-guts--giallo

Twitter: @girlsgutsgiallo 

Kristen J. Sollée

She is a writer, curator, and educator exploring the electric intersections of art, sex, and occulture. She has written for mainstream and academic publications including The Huffington Post, VICE, NYLON, Time Out New York, BUST, The Journal of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture, and Current Musicology. She is the founding editrix of Slutist, a sex-positive feminist website, and a lecturer at The New School. Sollée’s signature college course, "The Legacy of the Witch" follows the witch across history, pop culture, and politics.


Her critically-acclaimed book inspired by the course, Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, was published by Stone Bridge Press in 2017.


Her second book, Cat Call: Reclaiming the Feral Feminine, will be published by Weiser Books in 2019.

Website: http://kristensollee.com/