Seasons Grievings from the Spinsters of Horror!
Bar Bitches at Horror-Rama 2019
One evening in the Summer of 2019, the Spinsters invoked the spirits in an old cemetery in Toronto...
The Spinsters throw a spooky slumber party! When we get together there are spirits to conjure and movies to watch...
In the Summer of 2019, the Spinsters went to Camp Blood, became counsellors and ran into some Jason trouble...

 Spinster #1 capturing some of her witchy self and spinsterness.

Photos by Melissa Nannini @ 

For Women in Horror Month 2019 (#WiHMX), Spinster #2 became a vampiric Queen of Blood ready to haunt your dreams...

December 2018 - Spinster #2 did a NOES homage photoshoot for Episode 6 of I Spit on Your Podcast & a Spinsters of Horror promo shoot!

The Spinsters take over Horror-Rama! See photos of the ladies from both 2017 and 2018!

Unless otherwise stated, photos are by Brandon Mercer *see Bio/Contact info on the Community page

Past Spinster Events

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