Dark Decor

What does Spectral Jess do between watching horror movies, reading horror novels and listening to metal music?

She can be found hanging out with her feline family crafting her dark little heart away.


From Witchcraft to knitting, cross-stitching, painting and making macabre home decor, idle hands are the devil's plaything and these hands are very rarely idle. 


I have been making horror themed kitschy home decor for Halloween or just everyday presentation. 


On this section of the site, you will see the crafts I am working on and in due time selling! 






Tis the Season!

Fall is upon us (I don't care what anyone says) and I am feeling inspired to do some home and witch crafting!

Keep an eye on this page and my Instagram account @spectraljess07  for what comes together. 

Also, I love this image I found online and a pleasant surprise, you can buy it on a shirt at Wicked Clothes! Check them out now.

Gallery of Completed Projects

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