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Matthew Therrien is a wonderful artist that did the Sin & Tonic logo. He also is responsible for the incredible "Final Girls and Cinema Survivors" showcase of split images of the women and their attackers. Brilliant!



Ali Chappell!


Trained for a number of years in acting, singing, and dancing Ali started her acting career on stage she appeared in a number of musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie, Grease and Legally Blonde. She broke out into film with the pilot episode of Backstage Pass and has since been steady within the film industry. Her most recent short film Lively has appeared in several Canadian film festivals.


She is the co-host of Sin & Tonic with Spinster partner, Kelly.




Kaci, or better known as The Homicidal Homemaker runs an amazing website and Youtube channel all about spooky horror recipes, cocktails and crafts! You can also find her recipes in Rue Morgue Magazine! Try the Hellraiser Cinnabite Brownie! She even has a number of vegan options. 


Instagram: @homicidalhomemaker

Alexandra West


Her work has appeared in The Toronto Star, Rue Morgue, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Shock Till You Drop. Her writing has also been published in The Supernatural Cinema of Guillermo del Toro: Critical Essays, Art of the Title and Offscreen Film Journal.  She is the co-host of the Faculty of Horror podcast and the author of Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity and The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle: Final Girls and a New Hollywood Formula.

Twitter: @scarealex

Books available through McFarland Books:


Kristen J. Sollée

She is a writer, curator, and educator exploring the electric intersections of art, sex, and occulture. She has written for mainstream and academic publications including The Huffington Post, VICE, NYLON, Time Out New York, BUST, The Journal of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture, and Current Musicology. She is the founding editrix of Slutist, a sex-positive feminist website, and a lecturer at The New School. Sollée’s signature college course, "The Legacy of the Witch" follows the witch across history, pop culture, and politics.


Her critically-acclaimed book inspired by the course, Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, was published by Stone Bridge Press in 2017.


Her second book, Cat Call: Reclaiming the Feral Feminine, will be published by Weiser Books in 2019.


Something Ghoulish

Something Ghoulish was founded in October 2018 by Anthony Derrington. The site is a multimedia platform made up of videos, podcasts, and think pieces all celebrating the horror genre.  The heart of what Something Ghoulsih does is to curate in-de[th conversations on regards to genre films. A place that provides a platform for people to share their diverse perspectives and original ideas. 



Andrea Subissati

As Executive Editor of the Canadian based horror magazine, Rue Morgue, Andrea is a well-known contributor and content creator in the horror community. She is the co-host and producer of the academic horror podcast The Faculty of Horror with Alexandra West. Her master's thesis was on the social impact of zombie cinema published under the title "When There's No More Room In Hell: The Sociology of the Living Dead". With her sociologist background, she has published other works not only in Rue Morgue Magazine but in The Under and Theology, The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul, Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television and Scared Sacred: Idolatry, Religion and Worship in the Horror Film. 


Twitter:  @necromandrea

Morbidly Beautiful

Morbidly Beautiful is a site dedicated to all things horror, created out of a genuine love and sincere respect for the genre. Here you’ll find movie reviews, in-depth commentary and analysis, the latest news and events, candid interviews, upcoming horror projects you need to know about and more.



Tiina Menzel

Gothic yet gentle and soft artwork for the macabre loving folks.  This artist has an adorable portfolio of Skeleton loving cats. You can buy prints, stickers and even her work on product over at Teepublic.  Follow her on IG @therese_nothing. 

Shop Links:

Unboxed, Watched and Reviewed

Have you been seeking out disturbing movies you've never heard of? Well, look no further! UW+R is your best source for horror, sleaze, gore, vintage porno, mixtapes, obscure, rare, and straight-up revolting movies, all watched dutifully by yours truly! So please, join me and let's watch some of the weirdest movies ever made. It's not going to be pretty.

Youtube Channel:


Ask A Mortician

Caitlin Doughty is a mortician, activist, and funeral, industry rabble-rouser. In 2011 she founded the death acceptance collective The Order of the Good Death, which has spawned the death positive movement. Her educational web series "Ask a Mortician" has been viewed almost 150 million times. All three of her books Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, From Here to Eternity, and Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? were New York Times bestsellers. She lives in Los Angeles, where she owns a funeral home, Clarity Funerals.

Youtube Channel:


Spirits of Horror

Horror cinema can be a lot like a cocktail menu. You’re likely to find a blend of familiar old classics and exotic new experiences with obscure ingredients and intimidating names. Some people revel in it, others save it for special occasions. Some suppress memories of bad past experiences, and many are convinced it’s just not for them — until they find the right concoction.

Join Alix and Mike at their humble bar who welcomes horror fans both old and new. Each week, we'll feature handcrafted cocktails, haunting films and compelling conversations.

Youtube Channel:

Last Girls Club

A place to publish feminist horror, flip the tropes, and terrify the local villagers. This is a labour of love, not profit. A place to home the foundlings of the darkest recesses of the female mind, a haven away from the popular torture porn of today.



Box Office Poison

Moxie McMurder is the ghoul your mother warned you about, and she wants to talk to you about the movies! If you like her videos please support Moxie's channel by buying her a coffee @ 


Twitter: @MoxieMcMurder

YouTube Channel: Box Office Poison