Horrific Contributors

The artist that designed our logo is the extremely talented Jess Hrycyk. She does ink and water color art with a range from fantasy, nature and animals. Of course, she also does commissions! She is a good friend of Spinster #2, Kelly, and a fellow metal and horror fan.

Website: www.jesshrycyk.com

IG: @jesshrycyk 

Brandon Mercer is a independent filmmaker from St John's, Newfoundland with a decade of successful experiences working on big budget television shows as well as smaller scale productions across eastern Canada.  He has also received commendations from the Atlantic film festival and the Center for Arts & Technology as emerging director of the year.  His work consistently peers into dark corners, finding the light, addressing the themes of justice, transformation and self-discovery through "high concept" cinematography, art direction, and distinctive use of color.

A strong believer and contributor to the horror genre, Brandon's goal is to continue to support other local filmmakers and horror fans alike (when he isn't covered in blood...) Brandon is our very own personal photographer and Promotions Manager!

Website: brandonmercermedia@gmail.com

Appeared and edited our Scary Story Episodes for Halloween 2020.


Jaymes White is a professional mindreader! Jaymes, who is an expert on human behaviour has toured and stunned audiences across the country. He has developed and starred in his own television show and has won many awards in his career. He trains law enforcement, detectives and people in sensitive areas on observation, memory and handwriting analysis. He also runs the biggest seances in Canada which have been sold out for years.

Jaymes was a special guest on Episode 7: Ghostly Investigations: Do you Believe? 

Website: www.jaymeswhite.com

Michele Brittany is the editor of the Bram Stoker Non-fiction nominated Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre. 


Michele Brittany was a special guest on Episode 10: Spinsters in Space: Alien & Pandorum. She highlighted the concept of isolationism in space horror.

Twitter: @mbrittanywrites 


Dance With The Dead is a music duo from Orange County, CA. Consisting of Justin and Tony, they create electronic music with a dark, spooky and heavy style. 

Their song Robeast is used in our podcast!

Website: https://dancewiththedead.bandcamp.com/

Jenn Adams 


Jenn is a writer at Consequence of Sound and co-host of the Psychoanalysis podcast.  She writes about feminism and mental health through the lens of horror including personal and analytical essays such as Jane Doe and the Patriarchy: Deceptive Feminism in The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Scars: Making Emotional Trauma Visible in Jennifer’s Body and the Perfection. Her essay Mothers and Monsters: Possession and Parenting in the Brightburn and The Babadook was featured on the Spinsters of Horror blog.

Jenn was also a special guest on Episode 8: Sometimes Dead is Better!


Julia Lynch

Julia Lynch is a writer from Toronto who’s been working in the ad industry for 7 years. She’s written for Grim Magazine and reviews indie horror movies for HorrorScreams VideoVault. When she was a kid, her best friend told her Chucky was real and to this day she believes, that’s true.


Twitter @julialynched

She wrote a piece for Halloween month -  Laurie Strode and the Power of Fear

Joshua Anderson

Joshua has a thing for horror. Always has. From sneaking glances at Freddy Krueger behind a blanket to delving into Goosebumps to scouring the Horror section at his local mom & pop video store, he’s made horror a constant in his life. The A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and Buffy are his fortes as the characters and storylines within them are those that speak - and scream - at him the most. Read his ramblings and dives on the genre in his articles for Nightmare on Film Street (NoFSPodcast.com) and GaylyDreadful.ckm

Joshua appeared on Episode 19 "Hello!? Gay Now" Bisexuality in Buffy. 


Twitter: BrooksaJoshua

IG: brooksajoshua

Trace Thurman Headshot.jpg

Trace Thurman

You've read his film reviews on Bloody Disgusting and Consequence of Sound, as well as his coverage of the SXSW and Fantastic Fest film festivals. He is the co-host of the Horror Queers podcast, which looks at horror films through a queer lens. Please welcome, all the way from Austin, Texas: Trace Thurman.

Trace appeared on Episode 19 "Hello!? Gay Now" Bisexuality in Buffy. 

Bloody Disgusting, LLC
Feature Writer

Website: http://bloody-disgusting.com/author/tracedthurman/

Twitter: @TraceDThurman

Joe Lipsett

Joe is a TV addict with a background in Film Studies. He co-created TV/Film Fest blog QueerHorrorMovies and has written for Bloody Disgusting, Consequence of Sound, The Spool, That Shelf, Grim Magazine and Anatomy of a Scream. He also co-hosts Horror Queers, a queer horror podcast, with Trace Thurman.

Joe appeared on Episode 21: Rabid (1977) vs. Rabid (2019)

Twitter: @bstolemyremote

Writing @ Anatomy of a Scream

Joe Lipsett.jpg

Jessie Seitz

Starting her work behind the camera at the age of 18, Jessie Seitz has gone to write, produce, direct, and create fx makeup looks for over 30 independent films. She is currently producing the first extreme cinema anthology directed entirely by Women titled, FUKT

Interview at:

Kelly's Taboo Terror's Present: An Interview with Filmmaker Jessie Seitz

Appeared on Episode 28: Hail Satan! The Blood on Satan's Claw and The House of The Devil. 

Instagram: @93_93pictures
Instagram: @jessieseitzisspooky
website: linktr.ee/jessieseitzisspooky 

Nick Benson

Nick J Benson is a SPFX Artist / Producer, Director, Artist / Sculptor
He is known for his work on The Blob (1988), Tremors (1990) and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988). He is also the Director of Publicity at Morbidly Beautiful.

Interview at:

Kelly's Taboo Terror's Present: An Interview with SFX Artist Nick Benson

IMDB page:  Nick Benson

Facebook: Nick Benson Official

Instagram:  @nickbenson427

Nick Benson.jpg

Bill Turnbull

Bill Turnbull is a Toronto based Canadian commercial, television and film actor known for his roles in Goosebumps, Eerie Indiana, Being Erica, The Vow, Degrassi the Next Generation, most recently on the new Amazon Prime series The Boys. But of course, for metal and horror fans alike, he is known for his role as Curtis Weaver in Todd and The Book of Pure Evil. 

Interview at:

I Spit on Your Podcast - Episode 17: Heavy Metal Horror

IMDB page:  Bill Turnbull

Dr. Alison Peirse

Dr Alison Peirse is a writer and critic specialising in horror film. She has published four books and collections on horror, and regularly collaborates with international genre festivals including slash Filmfestival (Austria), Kurja Polt (Slovenia) and Offscreen (Brussels). This year, she is publishing her latest book, Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre, and she is serving on the finalist jury panel for Etheria Film Night (the world's most respected competition showcase of new sci-fi, fantasy, action, thriller and horror films directed by women).

Appeared on Episode 23: The Beast Within The Wolf Man (1941) & Dog Soldiers (2002)

IG: @alisonpeirse

VLE Photo.jpg

Anne Millar

Trained in history and anthropology, Anne Millar lives in an abandoned cinema but can be found on Twitter @faustinafate, with WolfCop content most every day @SgtLouGarou. Seasonal panel appearances at conventions in Ottawa and Montreal obviously off the table for the nonce, but there may be a podcast in the future because writing an analysis is the only way to stop the tide of fabric and paint projects, or learning the guitar from spite.

Read her blog post for Spinsters of Horror: Canadian IS a Genre: Wolfcop, Another Wolfcop, and the Joy of the Cult Film.

Kelly McNeely

Kelly McNeely is a tea-drinking, craft making, machete-wielding screen junkie with a mostly healthy obsession with horror, 90s action films, and spooky home decor. A staff writer for iHorror.com, she has also contributed to Grim Magazine, Modern Horrors, CGMagazine, Salem Horror Fest, 1428 Elm, and Netflix Life. You can find her getting day drunk and making festive housewares at The Creepy Crafter on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @kellsmcnells

Appeared on Episode 1 of Kelly's Taboo Terrors Presents: Shock Talk with Kelly McNeely on A Serbian Film


Mysterion is one half of the world-famous Sentimentalists mind reading team. They have appeared on shows like Penn and Teller Fool US, AGT and he has appeared on paranormal programs like Ghostly Encounters, Phantom Signals and more. His collection of oddities is one of the most known private museums. He is the owner of an Atacama mummy, similar to “Sirius” one recently made into a documentary on the existence of extraterrestrial life. 

Appeared on Episode 30 The Spinsters Get Abducted!

Follow Mysterion:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrMysterion

Instagram: @drmysterionofficial

Website: The Sentimentalists

Carolyn Mauricette

Carolyn Mauricette is a Toronto-based film writer and critic focused on horror, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. She founded www.viewfromthedark.ca, where she dives deep into race and representation of people of colour in genre film or lack thereof. She's also a film programmer and Development Coordinator for the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, and a contributing author to the first edition of the Women in Horror Annual, The Encyclopedia of Japanese Horror Films (Rowman & Littlefield), and the Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films (Rowman & Littlefield). You can find other pieces she's written on diversity and women in sci-fi on www.graveyardshiftsisters.com, and film reviews on www.cinemaaxis.com, and Hollywood Suite. You can also hear her on the film podcast she co-hosts, Reely Melanated.

Carolyn appeared on Episode 31: Reflecting Mirrors- Candyman. 


Jenny Nulf

Jenny is the Programs Director at the Austin Asian American Film Festival and has been working with the festival since its rebirth in 2015. She believes the films people engage with should not always be mainstream and loves finding audiences for under-the-radar, diverse, and thought-provoking cinema. She has had a dedicated career in film, from marketing to journalism. In addition to her work at AAAFF, she is a Marketing Consultant for Bullfrog Films and Docuseek, a film critic at the Austin Chronicle, and creates video essays for Certified Forgotten, among other freelance jobs.

Jenny was a special guest on Episode 33: Ringu vs The Ring

Ariel Baska

Ariel has a wide variety of interests and passions, beginning with theatre and film. An experienced theatre writer, director and producer, she is now trying her hand at the camera, doing the very same things. She is currently working on the horror short, Our First Priority.

While she loves creating her own work, nothing feels as fun as writing about and discussing her favorite works. While she does contribute to Comics Bookcase and Ghouls Magazine, her disabilities have dictated that she use the format of a podcast as her primary platform. She finds the conversations to be the key to get to the personal and the profound.

Ariel was a special guest on Shock Talk Episode 3: Martrys 


Jerry Sampson


Jerry is a horror writer, screenwriter, and film analyst. She has a monthly feature on Rue Morgue's website called Beautiful Filth which focuses on Extreme Horror films through the female gaze. She writes for Ghouls Magazine, Scream Magazine, Horror Obsessive, and other genre sites, and is currently in pre-production on her first short film. You can find her on Instagram @thesleepermustawaken 

Jerry was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 

Emma Wolfe


Emma is an Australian-based movie enthusiast with a focus on the horror genre. Emma's background lies in film and television, working as an editor on international and local television programs, and videography for not-for-profit organizations. She has been reviewing films since 2015 on the YouTube channel SpookyAstronauts.

Emma was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 

Brad Michael Elmore

Brad Mihael Elmore is the writer and director of the 2019 queer vampire film Bit.  New on the horror scene, Brad has also written and directed films such as The Wolfman's Hammer (2011) and  Boogeyman Pop (2018).  

Interview with Brad Michael Elmore writer/director of BIT.

IMDB page:  Brad Michael Elmore


Alison Taylor


Alison teaches in screen studies and ethics at Bond University, Australia. She is the author of Troubled Everyday: The Aesthetics of Violence and the

Everyday in European Art Cinema and has a monograph on Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession forthcoming in late 2021. Alison has contributed pieces on extreme cinema to Senses of Cinema and The Conversation. You can hear her talk extreme

movies in her guest appearances on the Zobo With a Shotgun and Ride the Omnibus podcasts. Alison is currently co-writing a book with Jason Jacobs on the

work of Nicolas Winding Refn for the SUNY Press Horizons of Cinema Series.

Alison was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 

Jessica Cameron

Jessica is a busy working actress and filmmaker with some of her notable credits includes a part in director Steven C. Miller's fan-favorite horror feature Silent Night, the classic holiday horror film All Through the House, the gore filled American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon by @unearthedfilms the cult classic The Sleeper, the action-packed Run Like Hell and the documentary Haunters in which she speaks about her love for extreme haunts. Cameron in the last few years has been cast in more than fifty projects including music videos, TV shows and feature films, and in 2010 won an industry award for being a Rising Movie Star.

Jessica was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 


Alison Lang

Alison  is a writer/editor/zinemaker based in Toronto. She has written for Rue Morgue, ByNWR.com and Art of the Title, among others. Her book Women with Guts, a collection of essays and interviews with women working in horror, was published as part of the Rue Morgue Library in 2017. She also contributed to Satanic Panic: Pop Culture Paranoia in the 1980s (Spectacular Optical) with a chapter on Geraldo Rivera's Devil Worship special. She has presented on topics related to horror and gender for the Ax Wound Film Festival (Vermont), Final Girls Film Festival (Berlin) and the DePaul University Pop Culture Conference (Chicago). She is currently a jurist for Ax Wound and a board member of Blood in the Snow, a Canadian horror film festival. Learn more at womenandsongs666.com.

Alison was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 

Sarah Shultz/Jessica Stabbit


Sarah Schultz, aka Jessica Stabbit, has been into Horror since she was 7 years old. Arachnaphobia was one of her firsts, but Jaws opened the floodgates. She graduated to Chucky and The Exorcist soon after, then the domino effect took place. Sarah won the Miss Scarizona pageant at Mad Monster Arizona in 2017! Josh, Sarah’s partner, and her own Gravedirt Clothing, an online horror and occult store, and Mort House Films, their brainchild. Sarah is also a cosplayer, recreating favorite characters such as Dexter Morgan and later this year,  House of 1000 Corpses Baby Firefly. In October 2021, check Sarah out alongside her husband in Vipco's "Amityville Hex", directed by Tony Newton. Subscribe to Mort House Films Youtube Channel for more indie films!

Alison was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 



In 2014, Reyna was hired by Ten Thirty One Productions to be a 'Hillbilly with a Chainsaw' and went on to tour six cities performing in the "Great Horror Campout" interactive horror camping adventure. The same company later hired Reyna to work "LA's Haunted Hayride", as well as their "Great Horror Movie Nights" film screening events.

Now, Reyna is the Communications & Finance director of BL4KM4SS, an adjunct professor, actor, filmmaker (writer/director for No Way to Die), and wrestler, "Chainsaw", for WOW (Women of Wrestling).

Reyna was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event. 

Rabia Sitabi

Rabia is a well seasoned pop culture specialist and a multi-disciplinary marketing professional. Born in Europe, with Asian and African roots, she comes from a very involved and diverse household. She is outspoken on issues that pertain to her identity as a queer, disabled woman of color, and brings a unique perspective to how she consumes media and culture. As the founder of Culture Agency, she helps young POC women by training them and introducing them to the marketing industry, with an emphasis on using and implementing new tech in sustainable ways. 


As the Queen of Horror on Clubhouse, she regularly hosts Global Horror Events discussing specific countries and their relationship with the horror genre, as well as interviewing prominent international directors, including a recent interview with Joko Anwar.

Rabia was a panelist for Kelly's Taboo Terrors Visceral Pleasure and Extreme Cinema Event.